On HIV/AIDs and Climate Change in Africa


Although treated as unrelated phenomena, the challenges of HIV/AIDS and the effects of climate change in Africa, bear much resemblance in origin, and in effects.

Just like HIV/AIDS which originated and initially spread outside of the continent, Africa has historically contributed little or nothing to green house gas emissions, but it is the worst hit by the effects of global warming. The latest available statistics show that in 2008, there were 2.7 million newly diagnosed cases of HIV and 2 million deaths from AIDS in Africa alone. The effect of climate change on the continent of Africa is disastrous, with gloomier predictions. The recent flooding in Burkina Faso in the August of 2009 left over 200 dead and 150,000 homeless, while hundreds of millions of dollars worth of properties were swept away. Other countries affected by the flood in varying degrees includeBenin,Ghana,Burkina Faso,Senegal,Guinea andNiger.

After the flooding in Burkina Faso…

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